Review Response: Westbury

Review Date: July 9, 2024

Images of product customer tried to return:

Long Island Paneling, Ceilings & Floors Long Island Paneling, Ceilings & Floors Long Island Paneling, Ceilings & Floors

Our response:

Hello Chris,

This review does not reflect your experience. This concerns Mrs. Reinhardt. As Mrs. Reinhardt was already told, our store policy firmly states that we do not accept opened boxes for return, and she was made aware of this at the time of purchase. The boxes were not opened by heat, but rather were torn open and zip tied back together by the contractor, as Mrs. Reinhardt has already told us. You can see the condition the boxes were returned to us in by the photos included. They quite clearly cannot be resold in their current condition.

Furthermore, we will not tolerate verbal assaults towards our staff. As this is a rather extreme reaction to what is clearly Mrs. Reinhardt and her contractor’s failure to regard our store policy, we would appreciate it if you took your business elsewhere.

We don’t let anyone treat our staff like Mrs. Reinhardt did, and we will never welcome an attitude like that in our business.

Kindest regards,
Long Island Paneling, Ceilings & Floors