Long Island’s Loveable Rescue Cat

  • Rescue Cat
  • Scrappy the Cat
  • Scrappy the Cat

Meet our CFO (Chief Feline Officer)!Scrappy at Long Island Paneling

Scrappy came from very humble beginnings. A stray cat with “an attitude” (hence the name “Scrappy”) he was rescued by volunteers at Friends of Ferals – Long Island. He was a favorite at the shelter where his street-smart but lovable personality was very apparent and quickly admired. Volunteers thought this furball would make a wonderful addition to the office staff at our Lindenhurst headquarters. And he certainly has!

His antics are endearing and put a smile on everyone’s face. Whether he takes over your chair, your desk, or covers your computer keyboard with his body – Scrappy IS THE BOSS – and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Long Island Paneling, Ceilings & Floors

If you love animals, ask to visit Scrappy if you are in our Lindenhurst store. And if you want your own pet to love – don’t shop for one, but ADOPT one!

To donate to Friends of Ferals – Long Island and/or adopt shelter cats like our beloved Scrappy, please visit our Go Fund Me campaign. 100% of proceeds go to the care of the cats.

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