• Scrappy the Cat at Long Island Paneling, Ceilings & Floors
  • Scrappy the Cat
  • Scrappy the Cat

Meet our CFO (Chief Feline Officer)!

Scrappy at Long Island Paneling

Let’s get this party started!

Scrappy came from very humble beginnings. A stray cat with “an attitude” (hence the name “Scrappy”) he was rescued by our friends at Save-A-Pet ( a no-kill shelter located in Port Jefferson Station). He was a favorite at the shelter where his street-smart but lovable personality was very apparent and quickly admired. The staff at Save-A-Pet thought he would make a wonderful addition to the office staff at our Lindenhurst headquarters. And he certainly has! His antics are endearing and put a smile on everyone’s face. Whether he takes over your chair, your desk, or covers your computer keyboard with his body – Scrappy IS THE BOSS – and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

If you love animals, ask to visit Scrappy if you are in our Lindenhurst store. And if you want your own pet to love – don’t shop for one but ADOPT one- especially from a shelter like Save-A-Pet!